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Since day one of starting Leadist.io, our goal has been to build scalable growth systems for every company that we come in contact with. 

We're booked until next year...

David, Sales Director, Weldlogic Inc.

Leadist.io is incredibly talented, they help in countless ways...

Daniel, CEO, CrowdFood

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Jeff, CEO, Automation Integrators

Weldlogic Inc.

Weldlogic hired Leadist.io to scale their Google Ads by improving their Website's conversion rate. We brought their cost per lead down to $40 from $258 with improved quality.

Used Existing Data to Build Strategy

Redesigned Website for Conversions

Restructured Google Ads Campaigns

Lead Quality Continues to Increase

Decreased Lead Cost by 85%

Leads we've connected our clients with:

We believe quality > quantity...

Alex, Founder, Leadist.io

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