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Leadist.io helps company leaders sleep better by automating lead generation, allowing B2B sales teams to focus on closing more deals.

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We help teams spend more time on closing deals rather than spending time finding leads to reach out to. Your sales team should be closing deals - not on Google and living in LinkedIn all day.

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"Excellent. Thank you for continuing to optimize the system that provides us with qualified leads every month... We're booked until next year."

David Zanloff 

Director of Sales, Weldlogic Inc.

Over $50 million in revenue generated from our leads.

Using our proven process, we've been able to help our clients generate over $50,000,000 in revenue by providing them with the highest quality sales leads, allowing their sales teams to close more deals.

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We're booked until next year...

David, Sales Director, Weldlogic Inc.


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